Principle 1
We love Black women, uplift Black women and value the genius that is the Black woman.
Principle 2
We trust the authentic manifestations of our mothering; we look to each other for validation and not the systems that stifle our creativity. 
Principle 3
We make space for generative and regenerative processes focused on healing and leaving a better cared for Mother Earth. We consider long term impact.

Principle 4
We create new visions and versions of ourselves that are relatable, adaptable, innovative and flexible.
Principle 5
We speak the name of our ancestors and honor their wisdom by preparing ourselves to be great ancestors ourselves. Afrofuturism is now.
Principle 6
We work with community members to reduce the things that pull on us so that we have the energy to show up for ourselves and our children.
Priniciple 7
We allow for joy and discovery, and grace and empathy. We recognize we do not have all the answers - we learn as we go and trust the process.

designed and led by elizabeth pérez